Pre-Sale Platforms and Fulfilment

An exciting new addition to our services!

Take the risk and cost out of printing your shirts and allow us to print and ship orders directly to your customers. We can help you set up an online shop or a page to sell your designs. Once launched campaigns run for 30 days (or less if you prefer), at the end of the campaign we collect the orders, print them and ship them! This means you get just the amount you need without any waste or storage space needed.

We will create a mock-up of your shirt so you can share it on your website social media with a direct link to purchase. Tell everybody about while the campaign is running. As long as you sell 10 or more items, we go to print. If not we refund your customers in full.

Our pre-sale platform and fulfilment is a great and sustainable way to start a brand, test a design, do a fund raising campaign or release a limited edition. 

Drop us an email to discuss your ideas - we'd love to help.