Custom Screen-Printing Service

We screen-print your designs onto custom packaging, clothing, posters, cards, album sleeves and other bespoke goods. We work on projects of all sizes and for all types of businesses, working closely with our customers to create just what they need. 

While our current focus is primarily screen-printing, we also offer a range of other bespoke services to customers, such as design work, badge making and other creative roles to help develop your brand or project.

Additionally, our pre-sale platform and fulfilment service is a great and sustainable way to start a brand, test a design, do a fund raising campaign or release a limited edition. You send us your design and we do the rest.

Email us here or use the form below to enter as many details as possible about your project. For example: quantity, sizes, colours, print position etc.

If you need something simple, check out our 50 Screen-Printed T-Shirts Deal.

Dark Peak Press - Custom Screen-Printing Service