KIN.DER, Workshops and more...

Hello humans!

Well, it’s been an amount of time since I did one of these here mailout things and since then it’s safe to say that it’s been a fairly wild ride. Unexpected and exciting stuff has happened all over the damn place and the last few months have been spent working intensely and taking stock and building and planning and scheming and dreaming.

The good news is that this little endeavour I call Dark Peak Press, that I cooked up around a year ago, is progressing really nicely into something sustainable and enjoyable and hopefully worthwhile for anyone crossing this here dusty and untrodden path.

We opened 
KIN.DER as a physical space in Glossop Gasworks on 6th November 2021. In its current form it is home to a gift shop, print studio and meeting space and is designed to be modular in its form to enable workshops, exhibitions and more. We sell work by local and regional artists and makers who specialise in design and print, it provides a showcase for creative talent and provides the community and visitors with a high quality, alternative shopping experience.

KIN.DER / Dark Peak Press

The KIN.DER collective is made up of Dark Peak Press (Richard Knox), 
Lauren Riley DesignRichard Tymon Photography, and LOCAL, a new creative practice by Claire Tymon and Steven Dexter, who lead on the Glossop Creates campaign and deliver creative placemaking projects and strategies.

KIN.DER ZINE launched in September 2021 with Issue Zero, a pilot edition funded by Arts Council of England via the Glossop Creates initiative. It’s an extension of our physical creative space at the Gasworks in Glossop and represents our personal values and interests while allowing us to work closely with a wide array of amazing local creatives.


The zine is a quarterly publication focusing on an artistic approach to alternative culture and endeavours. It’s primary angle is the Glossopdale area and the people living there, providing a platform for discussion of meaningful topics, interests and inspirations.

Presented in an A4 classic, old-school format, KIN.DER features artwork, interviews, reviews, how-to's, recipes and other creative responses to local issues and global concerns, bringing to life another side of our town that is not currently represented.


The zine is also available online in digital format and each issue will be archived on our 
website. Issue zero is now gone and work has begun on issue one.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback we received for the pilot edition we are seeking support from local businesses, entrepreneurs and philanthropic organisations to invest in future editions and act as an advocate for the KIN.DER collective, shop, creative space and zine. Please 
get in touch if you are interested!

Now the new studio is open it creates a nice opportunity to offer workshops for the people of Glossop (and beyond if you are so inclined!). Myself and Lauren Riley have set up monthly screen printing and risograph sessions to introduce these forms of printmaking and teach the basics of each method. Head on over here if you are interested, you can book online and it’s all nice and easy. A few classes have sold out already but we’ll start to add more soon. You can also click here for more detailed info.

The website has had a bit of an overhaul and after a mad few months (with all of the above) I’m finally getting back to working on my own art so there will be more things added to the online shop and KIN.DER shop in the coming weeks and months. Plenty of other cool stuff going on too… designing gig posters, album artwork, festival branding and more.

The print studio is also in full swing, screen printing goodies and merch and all that for a rapidly growing list of customers…. if you have nice things you need printing in an eco-friendly manner, using water based inks then check out the 
services area of the website.

Thanks for reading… over & out!

Dark Peak Press / Richard Knox / Absence